2020 Convention Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors


Representative: Lisa Dalton  

Email: hello@candoable.co

Phone Number: 1 (855) 226-3641

Description: CanDo reusable braille labels snap quickly onto the outside of a can, bottle, or jar and can go anywhere you do. Easy to read Grade 1 or 2 braille is built into the front face, and engraved text inside for sighted folks. Labels use no adhesives and are hand washable for reusing. Even better, the Braille dots cannot be smooshed while they’re in use inside your fridge, freezer, ice-chest or pantry. CanDo labels let you easily locate and trust the contents of the items you purchase. No more mystery cans. Order online, or by phone. https://candoable.co

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. 

Representative Name: Shauna Jatho

Email Address: shauna.jatho@vandapharma.com

Phone Number: (202) 538-0396

Description: Vanda Pharmaceuticals is committed to working with our visually impaired and totally blind community to increase awareness on Non-24 Hour Circadian Rhythm Sleep Wake Disorder. This is rare condition affecting individuals who are mainly totally blind or visually impaired. The key symptoms of Non-24 are the inability to sleep or stay asleep at night and a powerful urge to sleep during the day. If you’d like to learn more about Non-24, please visit Non-24 education link to speak with Shauna Jatho, RN clinical nurse educator.

Gold Sponsors

Democracy Live, Inc.

Representative Name: Charlie Kinnune

Email Address: charlie@democracylive.com

Description: With over 600 federal, state and local clients, Democracy Live is the largest provider of accessible online and tablet-based voting in the United States. Our OmniBallot cloud and tablet balloting tools have been deployed in over 1,000 U.S. elections and used by voters in over 90 countries on every continent. Democracy Live has received funding by the U.S. Department of Defense and the US Department of Health and Human Services to assist voters around the world access their ADA-compliant at-home voting technology. In 2019, Democracy Live was awarded the Accessibility in Voting Award presented at the United Nations. In January 2020, Democracy Live launched a successful mobile voting pilot in King County, WA to offer voters with disabilities the ability to vote safely, securely and privately from their mobile and smart devices.   

Saavi Services for the Blind

Representative Name: Amy Porterfield    

Email Address: aporterfield@saavi.us

Description: Saavi Services for the Blind is proud to partner with the National Federation of the Blind of Arizona. Providing Structured Discovery blindness training throughout the state of Arizona, we believe that every person we serve would live their best lives by joining their local NFB chapters to change what it means to be blind together. Through hosting the NFB BELL Academy, to standing alongside the NFBA in all advocacy efforts, to taking full advantage of all professional development opportunities for our instructors, we believe it is only through the shared authentic lived experiences of blind people that makes the different in providing quality training. We at SAAVI Services for the blind truly know that it is not what you can see that matters. It is what you can do.

Silver Sponsors

Arizona Industries for the Blind

Representative: David B Steinmetz

Email Address: dsteinmetz@azifb.com

Description: Arizona Industries for the Blind (AIB) is a role model for the community in improving economic independence for people who are blind through innovative partnerships. For more than 20 years, AIB has continuously increased employment opportunities in technology driven businesses such as; Warehousing & Distribution, Base Supply Centers, and Document Imaging. AIB is known for its casual, team-oriented work environment. We provide opportunities for career growth and advancement to employees at all levels. In addition, we offer excellent benefits and competitive wages.

Gabias Wellness Center

Representative Name: Joanne Gabias

Email Address: jgabias@saavi.us

Description: The Gabias Wellness Center is associated with the Nikken Corporation, a Japanese Wellness Company, that makes wellness products available to the public and a network marketing business opportunity, also available to the public. Nikken sells products in the following Wellness categories: Rest & Relaxation, Environment, and Nutrition & Personal Care. In the Rest & Relaxation category, there are sleep products, insoles, jewelry, massage products, wraps and support products, sport socks, soothing cream, and pet pad. In the Environment category, there are products which apply technologies to improve water and air quality. In the Nutrition category, there are organic products to support peoples nutrition. In the Personal Care category there are skin and hair products. Under the While Supplies Last category, you’ll find: Washable Face Masks, (Black Or White), Hand Sanitizer, and Surface Cleaner.


Representative Name: Kevin Hughes

Email Address: Kevin.Hughes@HumanWare.com

Description: HumanWare is a global provider of Braille, low vision and GPS/Talking book technology. Our mission is to provide product solutions that empower people who are blind or with low vision by giving them the independence to participate effectively within a sighted world. For over 30 years HumanWare has been a leader in the development of innovative technologies that facilitate the education and employment of blind and low vision people.

VRATE: Vision Rehabilitation Assistive Technology Expo

Representative: Tom Simmons   

Email Address: lhdwt@cox.net

Description: VRATE is the southwest’s largest and longest running vision loss/blindness resource event! Each year, VRATE brings together more than 1,000 individuals who are experiencing vision loss, their friends and family from across the State of Arizona for a day full of networking, learning and the opportunity to experience the life-changing assistive technologies available today. VRATE 2020 will be virtual. Register online at www.vrate.org or www.vrateaz.com.