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Hello Fellow Federationists,


Once again the time for the National Federation of the Blind of Arizona
State convention is fast approaching.  The convention takes place August 31
- September 3, 2017 At the Hyatt Regency, located at 122 N. 2nd Street in
Phoenix.  One of the most important activities at the convention is the
Resolutions Committee meeting.  The Resolutions Committee considers and
recommends the policy statements of the National Federation of the Blind of


The Resolutions Committee is co-chaired by Sami Hamed and Jordan Moon. Below
is the process for submitting a resolution for consideration at the


Resolutions Process:

All members of the NFBA are entitled to submit resolutions for consideration
by the resolutions committee.  That person must be present both when the
resolution is debated by the resolutions committee at the state convention
and when it is brought to the floor for a vote.  All resolutions brought to
the Committee will be brought to the floor along with the Committee's
recommendation to pass or not pass. 


All resolutions submitted to the committee must be complete and in the
proper format.  The Committee does not re-write resolutions or make
substantive changes to the submitted resolutions, it only considers them,
votes them up or down and takes them to the floor of the convention with a
"pass" or "do not pass" recommendation.  Once a resolution is brought
forward to the convention there will be discussion regarding the resolution,
however, the resolution is voted on as it is written and substantive changes
will not be made at that time.


While the author of the resolution is required to complete all research, and
supply all relevant facts, the committee will assist in putting it in the
proper format if needed. 


Detailed below are basic submission procedures:


1.	All resolutions must be submitted via email to Sami Hamed at
shamed at saavi.us. no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, August 25, 2017
2.	All resolutions must be complete and in the proper form at the time
of submission (please contact Sami Hamed, Jordan Moon or myself if you need
assistance with the formatting).
3.	Along with the submission, please include the name of the
person/persons who authored the resolution, and the name and contact
information of who will be present at the Resolutions Committee meeting on
Friday, September 1, 2017.
4.	There is a "late submission" procedure.  The procedure is the same
one as last year.  Any late submission must be presented to, and approved by
at least three members of the resolutions committee prior to the start of
the resolutions committee meeting at the convention.  In addition, the
person submitting the late resolution must be present at the resolutions
committee meeting and will be required to read the resolution.  If approved
for submission, the resolution must be emailed to one of the committee
chairs prior to the Resolutions Committee meeting.


Remember, the NFBA uses the resolutions passed at our state convention along
with those passed at the national convention to set our legislative
priorities in the state.  If you feel there is an issue that needs to be
brought to elected officials and other policy makers in the state it is
probably worth writing a resolution for.


Please share this information with all members and encourage them to submit
resolutions for issues they want us to address in the upcoming year.  Please
do not hesitate to contact Sami Hamed or Jordan Moon should you have any
questions regarding the Resolutions Committee process.


Sami can be contacted at shamed at saavi.us <mailto:shamed at saavi.us>  and
Jordan can be contacted at jmoon at saavi.us <mailto:jmoon at saavi.us> .





Donald Porterfield, Esq.

First Vice President & Legislative Director


donaldpfield at gmail.com <mailto:donaldpfield at gmail.com> 



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