[Nfbaz-news] Testing Cardtronics ATMs

Donald Porterfield donaldpfield at cox.net
Tue Aug 8 04:14:58 UTC 2017

Hello Federationists:


The National Federation of the Blind is testing Cardtronics ATMs:

All affiliates are invited to participate in Cardtronics ATM testing this
fall, and each affiliate will have the opportunity to test at least eleven
ATMs. If you wish to participate, you must let me know no later than
Saturday, August 12 that you wish to participate. Please email me your name,
email address, phone number, and preferred zip codes of where you prefer to
conduct your tests. Testers will need to be able to read Braille
instructions and should be comfortable using an ATM and completing an online
survey (you do not have to own a computer, but you need access to one to
complete the survey). Testers will be asked to confirm that voice guidance
software and other accessibility features have been added to specific,
assigned Cardtronics ATMs; testers may need to withdraw a minimum amount of
money from their accounts to fully assess the transaction. Please let me
know if you are interested in being a tester, or if you have any questions.


If you are chosen to be a tester, Valerie Yingling, from the national
office, will contact you with a list and addresses of Cardtronics ATMs in
your preferred zip code.


The testing period will run from September 1, 2017 through October 15, 2017.
All online surveys must be completed within the specified period. If our
affiliate completes the eleven tests, we will receive $1,100.00.




Donald Porterfield, Esq.


National Federation of the Blind of Arizona

donaldpfield at gmail.com <mailto:donaldpfield at gmail.com> 



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