[Nfbaz-news] Please participate today in survey to support our Merchants Division

Bob Kresmer krezguy at cox.net
Sat Jun 13 20:11:02 UTC 2015

>From Deborah Smith, president of Arizona Association of Blind Merchants - 

Dear Colleagues,
The Havasu news has an online survey asking "What do you think of the
Arizona Business Enterprise Program"? We have had some push back by the
Mohave County Supervisors. I will write a more detailed article for the News
and Views, but for this pressing issue please, follow this link and vote
that you think the Arizona Business Enterprise Program is a good program.
Jason Sauer, our program manager and Karen Grandin are meeting with board of
supervisors on Monday and we would like the survey to be strongly in our
favor. Currently we are at 61%. Please help the merchant division and vote
in this survey. If you have more than one device you can also use it to
vote. Pass the word to your chapter members, friends and family.
Remember; look for my article for more details. If you have questions please
don't hesitate to contact me.

On their website the News Herald paper in Lake Havasu City shows an online
poll that asks people to vote on Mohave County's efforts to challenge the
state Mini-Randolph-Sheppard laws governing the Business Enterprise Program.

(The Mojave County Board of Supervisors recently told their attorney to
"Weasel out of"  their legal obligation to participate in the Randolph
Sheppard federal and state mandates) 

To participate the survey, please follow the link below to cast your
response. The question asked is: "Mohave County is challenging an Arizona
state program that awards contracts to blind business owners to service
vending machines in government buildings." The response options for voting
are: "It's a good program", "it's unfair", "I'm not sure", or "The idea has
merit, but the program needs changes." 
There is also an option to post comments, but that requires you to create an
account (an account to post comments not for subscribing to the paper). 

Please ask friends and family to also participate, 

Bob Kresmer, president NFBA 
Toll free (888) 899-6322 
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