[Nfbaz-news] NFBA presidents state convention update and agenda

Bob Kresmer krezguy at cox.net
Mon Sep 2 01:46:16 UTC 2013

September 1, 2013 

Hello, fellow Federationists, 

Convention update! 

NFB of Arizona state convention is less than two weeks away!  It is not too
late to register for convention hotel or to pre-register for meals and
banquet!  I have attached the pre-registration form that has the details.
It is also on our website - www.az.nfb.org 

You can still phone the Radisson Suites hotel for reservations. You can make
arrangements with chair of registration committee, Sharonda Greenlaw, to
confirm the pre-registration and meals and make payment at the convention

I have attached the 2013 NFBA state convention agenda to this message.  It
is in both MS Word format and RTF formats, as well as in text format.  

* From Marc Schmidt, chair transportation committee - 

The NFBA has chartered a 48 passenger bus to bring convention participants
from Phoenix and Mesa pickup points to Tucson and back.  The round trip
price is $25.00, which will not cover the cost, but since we want to assist
you in coming to convention, the affiliate board voted to make the
transportation expense as low as possible and to pay the balance with
affiliate funds.  

Here is the pick up and drop off schedule - 

Thursday, September 12th:
4:00 - 4:15 pm Phoenix pickup at Beatitudes Church, 555 W. Glendale Ave in

4:45 - 500 Mesa pickup at Village Inn, 1155 S. Dobson Rd in Mesa

6:45-7:00 Unload bus at Raddison Suites Hotel, 6555 E. Speedway in Tucson.

Sunday, September 15th:
1:00 - 1:30 pm: Load bus at Raddison suites hotel.
3:15 - 3:30 Unload at Mesa's Village Inn.

4:00 pm Unload at Phoenix's Beatitudes church.

You can reserve your seat on the charter bus by calling or emailing either
Marc Schmidt or Rocky Smith at - 

Narc (Cell: (602) 758-0057
nfbazwest at gmail.com 

Rocky (between 5 and 8 pm on weekdays) 
(480) 299-1000
debraasmithqc at gmail.com 

Please reserve your seat on the charter bus as early as you can!  We don't
want to leave anybody behind! 

You can pay for your bus fare by using cash when you get to the bus pickup
point, or we can swipe a credit card.  

* From Debi Chatfield, chair convention arrangements - 

As you select an item you wish to donate to the auction at state convention,
please Let me know about the item so we can describe it on our website and
also on Newsline! 

To find the list of auction items to bid on at auction, - 
Go to Newsline at:
1.  After logging in, go to our local NFBA Information channel by selecting
option 2. 
2.  In order to get to the appropriate page where the Convention information
is located, press option 9 twice.
3.  Then, press option 3 to access the 2013 NFBA Convention Agenda heading.
4.  Press option 11 to access the Current Auction Items section.
That's all there is to it!  So, send in those auction descriptions as soon
as possible!  Send an email to:
debiblackaz at gmail.com 

A sample list of auction items is at the end of this message.  
Also, the convention agenda will be on Newsline.  It will be in 4 parts,
namely, Preliminaries, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

* From Deborah Smith, chair fundraising committee - 

RAFFLE TICKETS! We are three weeks away from our annual convention; it's
time to put that last push on selling your raffle tickets! This is our major
fund raiser for the year. This raffle allows us to support our members going
to the Washington Seminar and national convention. It also allows us to put
together new programs such as a BELL program for young children, as well as
operate the affiliate... It is extremely important that we reach out to
others and sell these raffle tickets. If you need tickets, your chapter
president will have them, as well as Bob Krezmer Just let them know and they
will get some to you.

Currently we have tickets turned into me from the East Valley chapter;
chapter presidents need to send in as many of their sold ticket stubs and
funds. Please get your tickets and money turned into me soon, it will make
the accounting process much easier.

Please mail the ticket stubs and funds to me at - 

Deborah Smith 
61 East Evelyn Lane 
Tempe, Az 85284

Please mail them to me as late as September 5, after that date, we don't
want to lose them in mail delays, so please bring them with you to
convention.  Any questions, call or email me at - 

 (480) 299-4541
email debraasmithqc at gmail.com 

* From Donald Porterfield, chair resolutions committee - 
Late Resolution Policy

The normal deadline for presenting a resolution to the Resolutions Committee
for consideration at the state convention is two weeks prior to the
Resolutions Committee convening at the convention.  Any resolution presented
for consideration after the original deadline must follow the following
process in order to be heard and considered by the Resolutions Committee at
the convention.

.	The resolution must receive the approval of two (2) members of the
Resolutions Committee.

.	If approved by two members of the Resolutions Committee the
Resolution must be submitted via email and in Braille to the Chair of the
Resolutions Committee prior to the convening of the Resolutions Committee at
the state convention.

.	The author, or a person designated by the author, must be present at
both the Resolutions Committee meeting and the Sunday business meeting at
the state convention.

These guidelines must be strictly followed or it will result in the
resolution not being considered at the Resolutions Committee meeting, or
being presented at the business meeting.

Detailed below is a list of the Resolutions Committee members and their
contact information.

Donald Porterfield, Chair
donaldpfield at gmail.com

Bob Kresmer
krezguy at cox.net

Amy Murillo
amurillo at saavi.us

Sami Hamed
govhamed at aol.com

Mary Hartle-Smith
hartlesmith at cox.net

Marcus Schmidt
nfbazwest at gmail.com 

Somaya Tarin
somojan94 at gmail.com 

Please contact Donald Porterfield should you have any questions.

Thanks,and I look forward to seeing you in Tucson at convention  

Bob Kresmer 
Toll free 888 899-6322 

Juliet Classic Braille embosser, donated by NFBA
18 years old
Transferable SMA. Exspires in October 2013
Parallel and serial ports
Can emboss on paper up to 11by 11 inch
Paper feed beginning to stick
Minimum bid $100

Back gammon game, donated by Debra Smith
, Bran new, Value $35.00 suggested minimum bid, $20.

Brother Inkjet Printer, donated by Debra Smith 
multipurpose, Brand New, Value $150.00, (one year old, never been taken out
of box)

Talking Thermostat, donated by Debra Smith
Brand New, only for Conventional Furnace and Air conditioners, Not For Heat
Pumps, (We bought this and our contractor tried to install it but it would
not work, It is in the original packaging but it is open) $130.00 Value
Minimum bid, $40.00,

Tortuga Caribbean Steak Sauce, donated by Debi Chatfield
5 fluid ounces.  Made in Tortuga, Cayman Islands.  Purchased from the NFBA
cruise to Grand Cayman 2013. 

Ladies Talking Watch, donated by Debi Chatfield
Black face, silver tone, leather strap
Brand new

Homemade Magic Cookie Bars, donated by Debi Chatfield
1 batch of these delicious homemade bars that contain yummy dark chocolate,
coconut, almonds, butterscotch morsels, and peanut butter morsels.

Handmade Ceramic Lamp, donated by Justin Hughes
This beautiful handmade lamp has a ceramic base in purple and brown, with a
dark brown lampshade.  Minimum bid $40.

KRAVE Gourmet Jerky, donated by Jennifer Newman
KRAVE is a "better for you" snack company that strives to make its products
healthy without sacrificing quality or flavor.  KRAVE is jerky elevated.
OUT with tough, chemically processed products and IN with artisanal snacks
using high-quality ingredients.  KRAVE is a premium product that features
all-natural domestic meats, chef-inspired flavors and healthier attributes.
No nitrites, no msg, & gluten-free.  KRAVE is based in beautiful Sonoma, CA-
home of Northern California's most prominent and well-known wine country.

Here are the flavors you'll be receiving (each bag is 3.25oz):
Garlic Chili Pepper (Beef)
Chili Lime (Beef)
Sweet Chipotle (Beef)
Pineapple Orange (Beef)
Grilled Sweet Teriyaki (Pork)
Black Cherry Barbecue (Pork)
Lemon Garlic (Turkey)
Basil Citrus (Turkey)
Minimum bid $25

2 Victor Reader Streams, donated by Donald Porterfield
Details forthcoming.

Sewing machine modified for blind or low vision user 
Donated by Lynn Kresmer 
Excellent working order 
Minimum bid $50.00 

1 gig iPod Shuffle, donated by Justin Hughes.
Five year old iPod Shuffle in great condition, with one gig of storage.
Includes ear buds and jack to connect with computer.

Handmade Greeting Cards, donated by Judy Hartman 
 Two sets, (12 cards each) of beautiful handmade tactile greeting cards.
Minimum bid $10.

1 Year Subscription to All inPlay
All inPlay is the only place on the internet where the Blind and sighted can
play games together as equals. Games include, Black Jack, Draw Poker, Texas
Hold'Em, TAG the Anagram Game, Crazy Eights, and Loco Locution.     

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