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2016 NFBA Auction

Do people tell you that you make the best fudge and chocolate chip cookies in town? Do you have an old iPhone lying around that you no longer use, because you have upgraded to the latest and greatest? No longer using that Victor Stream as often as you used to do? Or, maybe your specialty is creating a beautiful afghan, or hand crafting a vase out of wood?

Looking for a place to donate these items? Well, we’ve got just the place for you! Donate them to our 2016 NFBA Fall Auction coming up in Tucson, from September 9 to 11.Help us now to collect items for donation. All proceeds go to our state affiliate for continuation of our important programs, education, and sharing of our philosophy.

Important details:

- Items must be $20 or more in value. Items below $20 should be donated to the Door Prize committee.

- Items should be hand delivered to your chapter or division President, no later than September 5.

- Please email a description of your item, such as, the brand name, condition of the item, age of the item and any pertinent information you feel the winner of the item would need to know, and send it to:

- Auction item descriptions will be displayed on our website at:

It is due to the generosity of you, the members of the NFB of Arizona, that we are able to continue providing so many resource and outreach opportunities to those who need to know what we have to share—the truth about blindness! So, thank you for your donation, and let’s get busy and make this auction the best we have ever had!

Here is one of our items up for bid at this year’s convention!

Blue tooth Wireless MonoPod Selfie Stick
Donated by Debi Chatfield
Supports iOS and Android devices
180 degree adjustable frame. Fits most Smart phones
Brand new, never used.

Access Security: 
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