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RE: Releasing the Arizona Business Enterprise Program From the Arizona Procurement Requirements

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RE: Releasing the Arizona Business Enterprise Program
From the Arizona Procurement Requirements

WHEREAS, the Arizona BEP operates under the federal regulations 395.14 (B) and Arizona Revised Statute 23-504, in cooperation with the State Licensing Agency, the Rehabilitation Services Administration, and

WHEREAS, RSA and the BEP jointly attest that the program does not use funds allocated by the Arizona legislature to operate and maintain the vending and food service program, its staff, office space, materials and inventory, financial accounting and reporting systems, or any other cost of the program, but extract operating and management expenses from the income of the blind merchants, and

WHEREAS, states such as Tennessee operate successfully and in a financially responsible manner without the strictures of a state procurement system, and the BEP program and blind merchants have catalogued examples of waste and inefficiencies incurred through the procurement process, and

WHEREAS, the RSA and the BEP operators have jointly agreed to commissioned an in-depth study to assess existing regulations, policies and practices, and work together to implement the best of the revisions and reforms to the program, and

WHEREAS, the commissioned study and recommendations will state that the BEP program will operate more efficiently and economically without the strictures of the Arizona Procurement system that incurs waste, delay, and inflated costs to the program, NOW THEREFORE;

BE IT RESOLVED by the National Federation of the Blind of Arizona in Convention assembled this 15th day of September, 2013, in the city of Tucson, Arizona, that this organization work together with the Arizona Association of Blind Merchants and the Arizona Participating Operators Committee and call upon the Arizona Legislature and the Arizona Department of Economic Security to release the BEP program from Arizona Procurement requirements.

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