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RE: Braille Literacy and Technology Access

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RE: Braille Literacy and Technology Access

WHEREAS, braille is the presumed medium for blind children; and

WHEREAS, there is no equivalent free lending braille library in Arizona; and

WHEREAS, research has shown that Braille literacy is crucial for success in education and employment; and

WHEREAS, access to books and other reading materials is necessary in order to practice reading skills; and

WHEREAS, research also shows that during the summer, all K-12 students’, whether they are blind or sighted, will have decreased reading skills in the fall if they don’t spend a significant amount of time reading during the summer; and

WHEREAS, hardcopy Braille books are expensive, bulky, and difficult for the average blind student to obtain; and

WHEREAS, Arizona schools serving blind K-12 youth take away the students Braille notetakers and Braille displays during the summer; and

WHEREAS, a Braille notetaker or electronic Braille display enables a student to access thousands of free electronic Braille books available from Web Braille, Bookshare, and other sources; NOW, THEREFORE,

BE IT RESOLVED that this organization insist that the school districts permit K-12 students to take and use their notetakers during the summer at home, vacation, summer camp, or anywhere else the student may spend his/her summer to support their IEP goals.

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