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RE: RSA Procurement Exemption

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RE: RSA Procurement Exemption

WHEREAS; RSA offers unduplicated services to blind Arizonans; and

WHEREAS; services provided and purchased by RSA are critical to insuring successful rehabilitation to persons with disabilities such as blindness; and

WHEREAS: RSA must work within the Arizona state procurement code which limits access to the most efficient, optimal, and economical services; and

WHEREAS, a process that does exist to procure services outside the state procurement code is a cumbersome and labor intensive process that can jeopardize the timely, efficient provision of services slow down and stop the rehabilitation process for blind and disabled Arizonans; and

WHEREAS, protracted and cumbersome negotiation process exist in order provide services to RSA clients; and

WHEREAS; the exemption of client services, training, and adaptive technology for RSA consumers from the state procurement code would speed up and allow for the most optimal and efficient rehabilitation process including employment and independent living outcomes for blind and disabled Arizonans. NOW, THEREFORE;

BE IT RESOLVED by the National Federation of the Blind of Arizona in Convention assembled this 12th day of September 2010, in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, that this organization pursues legislation in the next session of the Arizona Legislature for RSA client services; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; The NFBA will dedicate efforts to allow for RSA autonomy and authority for contracts and services that streamline the purchasing process of equipment and human services for RSA clients

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